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Active Senior Couple

Fitness Training for
Strength & Conditioning

Personalized Programs & Small Group Sessions for all ages and all levels.

Are You Looking For Help With:

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Getting Motivated

Having trouble making fitness a priority or finding it hard to stick to a routine? Personalized training/regular check-ins will help you focus!

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Time Management

Struggling to find time to exercise? Flexible in-person & virtual training options can fit your busy schedule. 

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Setting Goals

Paula will meet you at your individual starting point, teach you how to understand your body’s needs and help you set and reach achievable goals.

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Pain/Injury Recovery

Struggling with chronic pain or recovering from an injury/health issue? Focus your training on the optimal path to recapture the healthier YOU!

Health & Fitness Training
For ANY Level

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Flexible Training Options

In-studio 1:1, Small Group, or Guided Circuit sessions to fit your busy schedule. Optional home exercise equipment for Build Your Own, Virtual, or Remote Training.

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Small Group Sessions

Created for 2 or more people in a combined workout, whether friends, family, or people with similar goals who enjoy working out together.


Specialty Programs

Sports Coaching for athletes of all ages; Coach To 5K for runners at all levels from beginner to advanced; Nutrition Coaching & Body Work for all activity levels.


Schedule Your

Free Consultation

Paula wants to learn your health & fitness story, understand your personal goals, and help you get started!


Develop Your
Personal Plan

Paula will work with you to develop a individualized plan based on your starting point and achievable goals.


Become Your
Best Self

Stop putting off your new life. Allow Paula to be your guide as you reveal the inner strength you’ve had all along!


Paula Henry's Fingers of Success

Drinking Water After Weight Training

Know how much water to drink a day

64oz is not enough water for most people over 125lbs that don't move a muscle all day!

Senior Citizen Exercise Class

Know your BMR numbers

How much food should you actually be eating a day, knowing how to time food intake to support your metabolic lifestyle!

Senior Book Club

Understand your Lifestyle Framework

Understanding your environmental, physical, mental, and emotional stressors relate to your overall stress management system!

Image by Isaac Wendland

Understand your HR when exercising

Do you know what heartrate you need to be in to stay in your fat burning heartrate?

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