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Couch to 5K

12-Week Running Programs

Programs For Runners of ALL Levels

Paula Henry Fitness' Running Program targeting Winter/Spring 2023 races are open now!

  • ​Start your program anytime

  • Register for your race between January - April 2023

  • Join my group training for a personalized group experience

  • Let's get you to your goals

Running a Race

Couch to 5k is a program for everyone. You can be a new runner or an experienced runner with not a lot of miles. The program is tailored to your schedule and your work demands. You will work closely with Paula to build out a 12-Week calendar. The weekly programs are emailed to you and you will have access to weekly check-ins. Couch to 5k is designed to move you safely through never running before into having enough distance to easily and comfortably run a 5k.


Your running journey is personal, and your training should be too. Paula Henry Fitness group coaching programs connect you directly with me, an experienced running coach and avid runner, to give you a personalized training calendar to get you to your goal - whether that is to finish feeling strong or to get a new PR. Weekly coach Q&A, ongoing educational topics, and the ability to adjust your training when unexpected life interruptions happen are all included in our group programs.

Going for a Run

Training for your first 5k

or want to learn how to run?

with one-on-one and group support?

How do I get started?


Group Training 1:1 Support! The Paula Henry Fitness is perfect for runners who are looking for group connection and support with access to a certified running coach ready to tackle questions included in your program.

  • Paula is available weekly for you. Weekly check-in options in-person or Zoom by reservation.

  • A personalized training schedule based on your targeted race, your individual goals, your preferred training schedule, and your previous experience.

  • Unlimited Training adjustments for when life gets in the way.

  • Weekly emailed programs through the True Coach online platform.

  • Weekly Q&A coaching calls via zoom with access to the recordings.

  • Private Facebook group for sharing and further Q&A.


It's time to step into a community of support to get you running toward your goals!


Are you ready?

Workout Friends

Accountabilities calls and tweak your programs as you go

I help guide a positive, inclusive network of support that will last well beyond your race day!

Fun Workout

Personalized training that balances your running programs with strength and recovery

I ask and I listen whether you are attempting this distance for the first time or chasing a PR, your plan will be written by me, your coach, with your input.

Friends Working Out

Ongoing support so you stay on track and true to your goals

Questions will come up, life interruptions happen with your coach and group members by your side, and you'll have the support and accountability to get your questions answered and find the path forward!

How did the Couch to 5K start at Paula Henry Fitness?

The program started with ME. I was a new runner and was expanding training my clients into newer runners. I built a 12-Week program that met all the needs of a new runner. The program is for everyone but mostly it's for someone who's never run before.

What is different about Paula Henry Fitness?

I am a certified running coach and an avid runner, unlike other programs that are run by volunteers, I have the training, the experience, and the tools to help you develop into the runner you want to be. If your goal is just to finish the race or if you're chasing that long-standing PR, I will get you there.

...and although I am a coach, I am a finisher of many distances, also I truly love running and the opportunity it brings and want to share it with you and celebrate your successes along the way!

Personalized Training

You will be provided with a personalized training program based on your experiences and goals. We will ask for some information about you before we start so we can develop your programs. This includes weekly zoom Q&A sessions, so you can ask all your burning questions and listen to others for support throughout the week. And yes, they'll be recorded so you can listen later.

All experience levels welcome

I have an inclusive, positive approach to training and consider all members who run with me as part of my racing (community) team.

My only requirement for the program is your willingness to learn and be coachable. If you are just learning how to run, great, zero running experience is needed to train for a 5k. However, if you are looking for 10k or longer (half or full marathon distance), contact Paula to set realistic goals together.

Why You Should Train At Paula Henry Fitness?


  • Community. Having accountability and other individuals of your same running experience to train with.

  • Being able to train safely.

  • Have your programs tailored on the fly. Life gets in the way sometimes. Sometimes you can't make some of the training and sometimes you can't get out and do the miles. That is why you have check-in sessions with Paula to can go in and redesign the program to keep you caught up.

  • Feeling successful.

  • Having set a goal and following through.

  • At Paula Henry Fitness, we help you work through any new runner issues you may have.

Paula Henry's Fingers of Success

Drinking Water After Weight Training

Know how much water to drink a day

64oz is not enough water for most people over 125lbs that don't move a muscle all day!

Senior Citizen Exercise Class

Know your BMR numbers

How much food should you actually be eating a day, knowing how to time food intake to support your metabolic lifestyle!

Senior Book Club

Understand your Lifestyle Framework

Understanding your environmental, physical, mental, and emotional stressors relate to your overall stress management system!

Image by Isaac Wendland

Understand your HR when exercising

Do you know what heartrate you need to be in to stay in your fat burning heartrate?

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