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Beginner to Advanced

Session over session, week over week, you will learn the proper form to use in approaching your goals. In personally guided exercises, Paula will address posture, rhythm, breathing technique, and performance, all while utilizing “teachable moments” to help you internalize essential strategies and get the most out of your workouts.

1:1 Fitness Training

Personal training sessions are designed to fit within your busy schedule. Consultation begins the process of assessing individual health, ability, needs, and goals. 1:1 training focuses on the following areas at all skill levels, from couch potatoes to fitness enthusiasts. 

  • Warm-up Workouts 

  • Strength Training 

  • Injury Prevention and Recovery 

  • Cardio Fitness 

  • Sports Conditioning 

  • Guided Circuit 

Small Group Fitness

Small group training sessions are designed for individuals looking for a 1:1 attention within a small group of individuals similar abilities, needs, and goals, you can take full advantage of tailored programming, class size 2 - 4 people, and professional staff with classes offer morning, afternoon, and evenings:

  • ​Upper Body - Core Fitness

  • Glute - Core Fitness

  • Lower Body - Core Fitness

  • Cardio - Core Fitness

Friends Working Out

Youth Sport Coaching

1:1 sport-specific training programs for student-athletes to develop their skills year-round. Conditioning programs are targeted to develop strength, agility, and flexibility across all skill levels while building protection against injury. Designed to improve performance by targeting all fitness disciplines for a wide variety of sports such as basketball, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, skiing, etc… 

Integrates individual athletic coaching/training with personal strength and fitness programming. Whether a beginner or a seasoned competitor, a youth, junior/senior high, or collegiate athlete, this program is tailored to help you reach your potential.

Remote Personal Training

If working out entirely on your own is your preference, True Coach Weekly/Monthly Programs can be emailed directly to you so that you can schedule your training in any way that suits your busy lifestyle — on any day at any hour. In addition to email support, regular check-ins with your coach can provide the right guidance to help you stay motivated and on track for success. (Note: may be selected in combination with an Open Gym program.)

Online Fitness
Fitness in Gym
Fitness in Gym

Open Gym

Our new state-of-the-art studio is the perfect spot to work out on your own, using our comprehensive variety of equipment. You can schedule your independent workouts in the available time around our scheduled sessions and programs. (Note: Guided Circuit Training is also available on request.) 

Paula Henry's Fingers of Success

Drinking Water After Weight Training

Know how much water to drink a day

64oz is not enough water for most people over 125lbs that don't move a muscle all day!

Senior Citizen Exercise Class

Know your BMR numbers

How much food should you actually be eating a day, knowing how to time food intake to support your metabolic lifestyle!

Senior Book Club

Understand your Lifestyle Framework

Understanding your environmental, physical, mental, and emotional stressors relate to your overall stress management system!

Image by Isaac Wendland

Understand your HR when exercising

Do you know what heartrate you need to be in to stay in your fat burning heartrate?

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