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Healthy Living Challenge

6 Week Challenge

Join Your Healthy Living Challenge


Are you ready to reclaim your health (and maybe even your mind) this summer? It's no secret that these past two years have been rough on everyone we recognize the selflessness our educators, students, parents, and friends have displayed and we know it hasn’t been easy to push forward amidst a global pandemic.

But, let’s not focus on the past and instead let’s imagine finally doing something for YOU: from developing your strength, calming your stress and nerves, boosting your metabolism, boosting your energy levels and letting loose, and simply having some fun.

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You are one Small Group class
away from a Great day!



  • Goal-setting sessions to make sure you are right on track for GO!

  • Six weeks of 2-3 weekly classes to boost your health and wellness.

  • Weekly accountability! We're here to help you stay the course.

  • Motivational Journal - track your progress and see results.

  • Weekly recipes to make your heart sing when someone asks for dinner tonight! We want to put all the pieces of your health and wellness puzzle together.

  • Weekly emailed programs for busy persons - workout from anywhere you go! We keep you from falling out of routine.

  • A support team! This has been a year and let's all come together to lift each other up. Let my client's commUNITY help.


Are you ready?

Paula Henry's Finger of Success

Drinking Water After Weight Training

Know how much water to drink a day

64oz is not enough water for most people over 125lbs that don't move a muscle all day!

Senior Citizen Exercise Class

Know your BMR numbers

How much food should you actually be eating a day, knowing how to time food intake to support your metabolic lifestyle!

Senior Book Club

Understand your Lifestyle Framework

Understanding your environmental, physical, mental, and emotional stressors relate to your overall stress management system!

Image by Isaac Wendland

Understand your HR when exercising

Do you know what heartrate you need to be in to stay in your fat burning heartrate?

Nutrition needs and recommendations may vary widely based upon age, body type, activity level, overall health and ability, and specific training goals. Using my training and professional experience, I’ll craft a customized program that gets you started quickly and offers specifics on food types, meal recommendations, and optimal timing to maximize the benefits of your training. Inter-session email support provides the motivation that will push you to achieve your goals! 

Are you ready?

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