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Welcome to Paula Henry Fitness

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, we have a program that can take your fitness journey to the next level. Our events are accessible and effective, regardless of your fitness goals.

Going for a Run

Our events include the following:

Couch to 5K

Work with Paula to create a 12-week calendar that fits your needs, access weekly check-ins, and receive emailed programs to help you confidently run a 5K.

Holiday Cardio Challenge

Our Holiday Cardio Challenge is perfect for those who aim to stay motivated and active between Thanksgiving and New Year's.

Planking Challenge

Our Planking Challenge helps you develop the mental tenacity to shut out the noise that prevents you from achieving your goals. Plus, develop strong core muscles to support your fitness journey.

Food Journaling

Our Food Journaling is flexible and accessible to everyone, regardless of dietary preferences. It records your food intake and timing to help you identify holes and gaps in your diet.


Are you ready to change your way of life?

Paula uses 'teachable moments' to help others internalize fitness training, fostering a better understanding of how and why we move and perform as we do as well as the best ways to support, nurture, and rehabilitate the body as we place stress on growing muscles, tendons, and fascia or recover from injuries and health issues as we age.

Fitness 1:1 Training opportunities:

Warm - Up Workouts

Injury Prevention and Recovery

Cardio Fitness

Sports Conditioning

Guided Circuit

At Paula Henry Fitness, we have a program for you.

Whether you're starting a running routine, looking for holiday fitness, building mental and physical toughness, or improving your nutrition, we have a program to help. Click to learn more and take the first step toward reaching your fitness goals!

Paula Henry's Fingers of Success

Drinking Water After Weight Training

Know how much water to drink a day

64oz is not enough water for most people over 125lbs that don't move a muscle all day!

Senior Citizen Exercise Class

Know your BMR numbers

How much food should you actually be eating a day, knowing how to time food intake to support your metabolic lifestyle!

Senior Book Club

Understand your Lifestyle Framework

Understanding your environmental, physical, mental, and emotional stressors relate to your overall stress management system!

Image by Isaac Wendland

Understand your HR when exercising

Do you know what heartrate you need to be in to stay in your fat burning heartrate?

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